How To Apply Graphics Tricking Out Your Dirt Bike

How To Apply Graphics Tricking Out Your Dirt Bike

There have never been so many options available to alter the look of your dirt bike, ATV, UTV or motorcycle and that includes decals and graphics in every color and design you can think of. Deciding on the graphics you'd like is the enjoyable and easy aspect, however, applying them is a different matter in the absence of right instructions.

How to Install Dirtbike Graphics
Attack Graphics is an expert graphics shop that is specialized in powersports. Their graphic designers are proficient in applying graphics to offroad vehicles. This is their step-by-step guide to apply graphics in a way that is easy and that will guarantee that your graphics will stick and stay put. When you intend to to find out detailed information on dirt bike graphics, you've to check

Dry Installation
Clean your plastics, hands and work area. Clean your plastics on the machine's front and back sides.

Cut the backing of the paper so that it is as close as you can to the graphic before applying. The paper backing should be taken away from vents and bolt holes. Examine the alignment of the holes, vents curves, edges, and edges of your design against the plastic.

Remove the backing piece Be sure that there is no dust or other debris get on the side that is adhesive. Cut the backing along the middle either horizontally for side plates and vertically for front plates. Choose a 1/2 inch piece of backing and cut it away. Apply the remaining backing to graphic, and line it up with holes and edges.

Make sure that the center strip isn't sticking as you align the graphic with the plastic. Once the graphic is aligned, you can attach the strip that is the center to the plastic.

The paper backing should be removed from the other side. Hold the graphic in position and keep it away from the plastic. Slowly apply by sliding one finger in and out of the graphic, pressing out any air bubbles and wrinkles. The heat can be applied using an electric hair dryer or a heat gun in this procedure to get rid of wrinkles and air bubbles.

Take off the backing paper of one side of the graphic. Apply it in the same manner as step 4. For all other graphics, repeat the steps.

Wet Installation
Cleanse your hands, your plastics and work space. Clean the plastics on your machine's front as well as back sides.

Cut the backing of the paper so that it is as close as you can to the graphic prior to applying. Remove the paper backing from the inside of the vent as well as the bolt holes. Check the alignment of holes, vents, curves and edges of the graphic against the plastic.

Make a thin mist of water to your plastic using an application fluid. Peel off the backing paper and make sure the adhesive side of your plastic is clean. Spray the adhesive surface with a light mist application fluid.

Lightly apply the decal onto the plastic, while lined up the vent holes. Once everything else is lined up properly, begin with the center and make use of a squeegee to push the application fluid to the edges of the plastic.

As you continue the squeegee process, you may apply heat with a gun or hair dryer in order to speed up drying process. The heat will also help to work out any bubbles and smooth any wrinkles.

Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the extra fluid that's left at the edge of the plastic. It is recommended to not use your dirt bike or quad for at minimum 24 hours to ensure proper adhesion of the decal.